64C/128T Threadripper Might Be In The Cards As AMD Plans A Release This Year

At Computex last year AMD released the 2nd generation of Threadripper processors. The flagship processor called AMD Threadripper W2990X was a 32-core chip and had 64 threads. It is still the biggest processor based on the raw core count. We did not hear anything regarding the next iteration of the Threadripper CPUs from AMD. However, AMD announced the new Zen 2.0 architecture for the mainstream Ryen 3000 CPUs, APUs. The architecture is based on TSMC’s 7nm process.

It seems like AMD isn’t done with Threadripper yet. Wccftech reports that AMD is working on a better flagship processor for the 3rd gen Threadripper processors. They have confirmed that the flagship CPU will have 64 cores and 128 threads which is twice the number of cores and threads present on the W2990X. These processors might launch during Q4 of the current year although it is not sure when AMD will announce these processors.

AMD is also working on an enhanced X599 platform for the upcoming Threadripper processors. The naming scheme may be controversial as Intel already has the X599 platform. AMD has confirmed that they will update the name of the platform though it plans to retain the ’99’ suffix.

The previous Threadrippers were compatible with the X399 platform. However, AMD introduced the X499 platform for better performance. The upcoming Threadripper may not be compatible with earlier platforms; however, we cannot say anything with certainty at this point.

AMD has been using TR4 chipset for the Threadrippers; they may announce a new socket for the upcoming CPUs. However, the current sockets will be compatible with the forthcoming CPUs, and only the BIOS update will be required. Coming to the manufacturing process. The 2nd gen Threadripper processors were based on the 12nm FinFET process. AMD’s Infinity Thread joined the individual 8-core processors. This time around, we may see the 7nm process into work, which could only be a possibility if AMD decides to build them on the Zen 2.0 architecture.

Wccftech predicts a $2500-3000$ price tag which seems plausible and in line with AMD’s pricing so far. The price will undercut similar offering from Intel’s Xeon lineup, as pricing has been a strong point for Threadripper chips so far.

The Q4 release date mentioned on Wccftech’s report seems likely as far as trends are concerned, we have seen such launches in August. We will know for sure after AMD’s official announcement.

Mohsin Naeem
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