64 Player Military FPS World War 3 Comes to Steam Early Access in October

Polish video game developer The Farm 51 has announced that their latest realistic military shooter will be coming to Steam Early Access next month. After multiple pre-launch testing phases, World War 3 will be launching as an early access title on Steam on October 19th. 

World War 3 FPS
World War 3

World War 3

Featuring up to 64 players per match, World War 3 takes modern combat to the next level. Players can play as various armies, such as the Polish Armed Forces, in maps based on real life locations. The first person shooter includes an extended weapon system, advanced vehicle mechanics, and controllable drones.

The realistic graphics and detailed visual effects of World War 3 can be enjoyed in two game modes, Warzone and Recon. Similar to Battlefield’s Conquest modes, Warzone has coordinated teams engaging in heated gunfights, using both vehicles and infantry, over fortified objectives. Recon, however, is comprised of smaller squads of infantry units attempting to capture objectives deep within hostile territory.

Upon its early access launch, World War 3 will be available on Steam for $28.00 USD. While the early access version contains a good amount of content, the game will continue to be refined and optimized until the full release. Although the launch price of the game will be more than its early access price, all post-launch downloadable content will be available for free. The Farm 51 states that they value active community feedback in order to release the best possible version of the game when it launches. Developers estimate that the game will remain in early access for about twelve to fifteen months.

During the early access stage, World War 3 players will encounter bugs, balance issues, and performance problems. The developers are counting on community feedback in order to “polish the core game” by fixes bugs and adding new content to the game. Head over to the official Steam listing for more information, including the system requirements.

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64 Player Military FPS World War 3 Comes to Steam Early Access in October

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