5 New Assignments And Grading Features Coming Soon to Microsoft Teams for Education

On their Education Blog, Microsoft has gone on to announce that they will soon be launching new Assignments and Grading features to Microsoft Team for Education.

Let us have a look at the new features.

Share assignments to individual students

Teachers across the globe will be able to post assignments to individuals, small groups or the entire class.

Microsoft states,

“Tailor assignments to each individual in your diverse classroom of learning styles and academic abilities.”

Schedule to post assignments

Teachers will now be able to share learning activities with students at the exact time that they need it. Now you will be able to schedule so as to post your assignments in advance. 

Provide continuous and personalized feedback

Teachers will now be able to provide with iterative, personalized, and actionable feedback while students are working on their assignments. Assignment submissions can now be resubmitted and continuously improved – even after the teacher leaves feedback.

Rich text editing for assignment instructions

Teachers will now be able to bold, italicize, highlight, and make bulleted or numbered lists in the assignment instructions. This allows the teachers to create an even richer learning activity.

Microsoft states,

“We wanted to create something lovable and fun to celebrate the hard work a student has done when they submit their work for feedback. Look for more delightful updates in the coming months as we work to add additional ways to support student engagement, passion, and voice! From all of us at the Microsoft Education product team. We’d like to thank teachers for the work you do every day to help your students achieve more. We hope these new features can help you save time, personalize learning for students, and maybe even make learning fun along the way. ”


Tahseen Jamil

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