5 Great Alternatives to Fiverr That Will Still Get Your Job Done

Totally Legit Options to Consider

Fiverr is currently one of the top freelancing websites. It allows you to choose from a pool of freelancers offering various services normally referred to as gigs. The freelancer creates a gig stating their skillset and accompanying rates and then the buyer chooses the freelancer with the best gig.

However, Fiverr may have its share of limitations which might lead you to look for other alternatives. For instance, Fiverr has quite a high transaction fee compared to other freelancing sites. The problem is that the internet is full of scam websites that are only after your money with no real talent to offer. That’s why I have compiled this list of Fiverr alternatives that are totally legit. You will be able to find any type of freelancer you are looking for starting from web designers, marketers to content creators.

1. Upwork


This site is at the top of the list for various reasons. For starters, Upwork gives you the chance to interview freelancers before hiring them. You can also request that they do a sample so that you can access the extent of their capabilities. Upwork also comes with both a desktop and mobile app that you will find extremely useful. The apps are quite robust incorporating most of the features that are available on the website. The Upwork Pro feature is another great addition that allows you to filter the freelancers so that you only view the most qualified.

Pricing in Upwork

Registering on Upwork is free. However, for every invoice settled, you will be charged a 2.75% transaction fee. Alternatively, you can opt for the monthly flat rate of $25 which is a great way to save money if your monthly transactions are huge.

The Upwork pro membership costs $149 per month and comes with its perks. It gives you access to a pool of top-notch professionals that have been directly vetted by the Upwork team. The freelancers have been hand-picked and interviewed through video chat to ensure they provide nothing but the best quality.

Payments on Upwork can either be hourly or contract based. Hourly jobs are settled at the end of every week while the contract based jobs are settled upon completion of the project or an agreed project milestone. Payments are done via an escrow account where funds are stored and released only after the client’s approval. In case the client finds the work unsatisfactory the money is refunded back to their account.

Customer service

The Upwork customer support team is arguably the best of all the freelancing sites. They are available 24/7 and can be reached through phone calls, email or live chat. You will also have access to abundant information from other users through the Upwork online community.

2. Freelancer.com


This is one of the oldest and perhaps the largest freelancing website with over 21 million freelancers. One feature that makes Freelancer different from other websites is the contest option when posting a job. This is where you describe your job specifications and multiple freelancers attempt to do it. You then select the best-done job and pay for it.

Freelancer attracts users from over 247 countries. The advantage of this is that the economic diversity of each country may result in a higher dollar value in some countries. Which means you can negotiate to have your work done at rates that would be considered low in some countries but are actually great in other countries.

Pricing in Freelancer

There is no fee charged for posting your job on Freelancer.com but you will have to pay a flat rate of 3% for each completed project. Freelancer can also help you to find the perfect fit for your job at $19.Just like Upwork, Freelancer uses the Escrow payment system where clients’ funds are held until completion of a project or project milestone.

Customer Support

The freelancer customer service is available 24/7 through live chat and email. They do not offer phone call support though.

3. Guru


This website has been around for over 20 years and was at one point the best freelancing site. That was before it was outdone by the likes of Fiverr and Upwork. However, many freelancers have still remained loyal to Guru which makes it a great place to get freelancers with a proven track record. Once you have signed up you can post a job by outlining your job specifications and Guru will, in turn, send you a list of freelancers to choose from.

Guru Pricing

Signing up on Guru is free but they charge a 2.5% fee for every settled invoice. Other features include an advertising fee of $29.95 in case you want your post to reach more freelancers.


Although clients can leave reviews on the freelancer’s profile, the freelancer has the ability to turn off the ratings if they are a Guru subscriber. This can make it hard for you to judge a freelancer based on previous job performance.

Also, some users have complained about the customer support not being as helpful. Customer service is only available from 9 am to 6 pm EST with no live chat option.

4. PeoplePerHour


This a UK based site that allows you to hire freelancers on an hourly basis. The PeoplePerHour team makes a point of vetting every freelancer before admitting them to their platform hence ensuring only qualified freelancers are available for hire. Unlike other sites, job management is done online which allows you to track the progress of your job through their management dashboard.


For the first $280 worth of work, Peopleperhour will take a 15% commission after which they will charge a flat rate of 3.5%. They also require that you give the freelancer some down payment before the commencement of a job. PeoplePerHour also incorporates a contest feature where freelancers compete to provide the best jobs. However, unlike Freelancer, this feature only applies for web design jobs. Also, you can choose not to pay in case you don’t find any of the jobs satisfactory.

Customer Service

The PeoplePerHour customer support is only available through emails. They also have a community forum where you can access pre-written articles that highlight some of the most common issues that other users have encountered.


The major disadvantage is perhaps their lack of a phone call customer support. Waiting for email replies can be unnerving. That and the fact that they do not have a mobile app yet.

5. Giggrabbers

This is a relatively new freelancing site. Nevertheless, there is one thing that will instantly attract you to it. They do not charge any transaction fee. That’s right it’s absolutely free for the employer. All the service fees are charged on the freelancer. To top it off, Giggrabbers includes a crowdsourcing feature that allows you to create a social media campaign to raise money for your project. Therefore, if you are working on a limited budget this site will be good for you. Giggrabbers also includes a contest feature that is only applicable for web design jobs and you can also monitor the progress of your project through their site.


No transaction fees. However, in case you need assistance in setting up and managing your project, you will be charged $49.95. This fee is inclusive of allocating the perfect freelancer for your job.


They only offer email customer support. Also, since it’s only just beginning to pick up the pace, freelancers only have a few reviews which means you have to use other means to verify their skill levels.

The Bottom Line

Each of these sites is great in its own right. I have broken down their basic concepts so it’s now up to you to evaluate them and decide which of them best suits your needs. You will find top-notch freelancers in all of them but there is still the chance you will encounter phonies. As such, make a point to carefully select who you choose to work with.

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5 Great Alternatives to Fiverr That Will Still Get Your Job Done

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