5 Best Speech to Text Software

A Speech to Text software is a helpful utility that transcribes your voice into written content. Technology always aims at providing the maximum level of ease to the users. Therefore, Speech to Text software came into play in order to save the users from long hours of typing. The benefits of using a Speech to Text software are listed below:

  • This software especially facilitates such people who have certain disabilities because of which they cannot type.
  • It helps you in generating a huge amount of written content without even having the need of typing it.
  • You can control your digital devices and robots with your voice commands.
  • You can simply free up your hands and still do all your work which was considered impossible in the past that you can actually do something without your hands

After reading about all these great benefits, you must be having the desire of grabbing a good Speech to Text software but choosing a good one can possibly be a trouble for some of the people. However, you do not need to worry about it anymore because here we have a list of 5 Best Speech to Text Software which can definitely make your decision easier. So let us quickly go through this list.

1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a versatile and very powerful Speech to Text software designed by Nuance. It has the capability of recognizing your voice with 99% accuracy. The recognized words appear on your computer screen three times faster than manual typing. You can fully control the editing and formatting of your text with the help of voice commands. You can even launch Web Browsers and then Search through this software with the help of your voice.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is even capable of translating your Text to Voice. This feature is especially helpful if you want to cross-check your transcribed text. If you find any errors within your transcribed text, then you can easily correct them just within a few seconds through your voice. The Help System and Tutorials of this software are available on its official website that provides you full support in learning this tool. The most fascinating feature of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is that it can Update your Status on different social networking platforms just with the help of your voice without even opening up those sites.

As far as the pricing of this Speech to Text software is concerned, then it offers us the following four versions:

  • Dragon Home- This version costs $150.
  • Dragon Professional- The price of this version is $300.
  • Dragon Anywhere- This version is worth $150 per year.
  • Dragon Legal- The cost of this version lies between $150 to $600 depending upon the number of additional features.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pricing

2. Braina Pro

Braina Pro is a very simple and easy to use Speech to Text software that offers 99% accurate Speech Recognition. Unlike the traditional Speech to Text software, you do not even need to train Braina Pro on your voice. The Concatenated Speech feature of this software is there for the people who are habitual of taking long and irregular pauses in their speech. You can easily customize the interface of Braina Pro to suit your needs. It supports around 89 different languages for speech recognition.


Toggling the Dictation Mode of Braina Pro on or off enables you to dictate any third party software or send commands to Braina Pro respectively. It also allows you to edit your transcribed text with the help of your voice commands. The two different versions of Braina Pro along with their prices are stated below:

  • Braina Pro 1 Year- The cost of this edition is $49.
  • Braina Pro Lifetime- Braina Pro charges $139 for this edition.
Braina Pricing

3. e-Speaking

e-Speaking is a very basic free Speech to Text utility designed for the Windows operating system. e-Speaking consists of around 100 built-in commands. This software also provides you the ability to add more commands to it according to your needs. It occupies a very little size on your disk. This software is capable of seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Office. It also includes various tutorials within it for providing help to the users. Moreover, you can also Share your transcribed text to multiple other platforms through e-Speaking.


4. Speechnotes

Speechnotes is an online Speech to Text notepad which works within your web browser. Therefore, you do not even need to download or install it rather you can just start using it right away. The best thing about this utility is that it takes very good care of the user’s Privacy. Speechnotes does not store any of your personal data on to its servers. It provides you with all the tools of converting your audio to written content within no time and you can even edit it very easily. It has a very simple and friendly user interface. Although Speechnotes extension is absolutely free to use, however, you can also get its Premium version at the price of $9.99.


5. Windows Speech Recognition

Windows Speech Recognition is a very efficient default Speech to Text software designed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. It allows you to control any programs on your PC just with the help of voice commands. Windows 10 also has a voice assistant called Cortana. You can easily enable it and then enjoy the true perks of Windows Speech Recognition because then you will be able to set reminders, view calendars, send emails, play music and much much more without even typing anything.

Windows Speech Recognition

Up till now, you must be thinking that Windows Speech Recognition is there just to give commands to your programs however, this is definitely not true. You can also type in your documents merely with your voice through this software just like any other Speech to Text software. After getting your documents typed, you can conveniently edit or modify them and that too with voice commands. Last but not least, since Windows Speech Recognition comes by default with the Windows operating system therefore, it is absolutely free to use. You do not need to configure it or set it up as it is just ready to be used. Moreover, there are also no hidden charges or subscriptions for this Speech to Text software.

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Ayesha is a software developer by profession and is currently working as a lead developer with Code5.Programming Skills: Asp.net, C#, C/C++, Java, Golang, Android, UML, SQL and Html.

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5 Best Speech to Text Software

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