5 Best Lightweight Browsers

Internet without a Browser is like a Stove without Gas. I mean what is even the purpose of the stove when you cannot even cook food on it? Similarly, if you cannot browse through your favorite games, programs, movies, etc. even with an Internet connection, then that Internet connection is completely useless for you. Therefore, by now it is a well-established fact that we need a browser for Internet surfing. There are so many browsers available out there and you can choose any one of them that you like. However, there are such browsers that are undoubtedly quite popular but they consume a lot of your machine’s resources.

In this situation, if you are someone who does not want to compromise a lot of his system’s resources just for the sake of Internet surfing, then you must be looking for such a browser that offers you all the basic browsing functionalities while consuming minimalistic resources. The point to be noted here is that a lightweight browser does not guarantee you the same experience that you will have with a regular browser and you should be ready to compromise some of the main features before starting to use a lightweight browser. So, here we are going to share with you a list of 5 Best Lightweight Browsers. Let us see if any of them fascinates you or not.

1. Midori Browser

Midori is a popular free lightweight web browser designed for the Windows and Linux operating systems. It claims to be a small but mighty web browser which means that although it utilizes much lesser system resources as compared with other web browsers but its browsing capabilities still compete with some of the most famous web browsers out there. It gives full support for HTML 5 and CSS 3. This browser uses DuckDuckGo as its default search engine. However, you have the complete liberty of changing it any time to Yahoo or Google Chrome browser. This browser has a very friendly user interface which is perfect for both the naive users as well as for the experts.

As far as the Privacy aspects of Midori are concerned, then this software provides you with the tools for Clearing your Browsing History, Disabling Third Party Cookies, Disabling the Scripts, etc. Moreover, the default search engine of this browser i.e. DuckDuckGo does not Collect or Share any of the users’ personal information hence achieving the highest levels of security. This browser has a very efficient Tabs, Windows and Sessions Management which ensures the maximum level of user satisfaction. Midori also Saves your Tabs for your next session by default so that you can conveniently restore them any time you want especially when you have accidentally closed any of your tabs.

Midori Browser

The Bookmarks Management feature of this browser allows you to create and save your bookmarks very easily so that you can quickly get back to the bookmarked pages any time. Midori has a built-in Ad Blocker that enables you to fully focus on whatever you are doing without any distractions. If you want to take the privacy of this web browser another step further, then you can make use of its Private Browsing feature. Last but not least, Midori is an Open Source web browser which means that anyone can download it and start using it right away as well as he has the full liberty of making any useful changes to its source code provided that he is familiar with programming.

2. Lynx Browser

Lynx is the oldest free text-based web browser designed for the Linux and Windows platforms. It is a command-line web browser which means that it does not support any sort of graphics. Because of this fact, it is extremely lightweight. It can work even with your oldest and worn out hardware with an absolutely pathetic Internet connection since it does not require many resources. Apart from its command-line interface, Lynx is still very easy to use and simple to understand. Once you start using it, it will not take you long to get comfortable with it.

Lynx Browser

Lynx provides full support for SSL and many useful features of HTML. Although it does not support any visual effects but still it can be used with external video players and image viewers for handling your multimedia files. Like all other famous web browsers, Lynx supports Page Caching and Browsing History features so that you can easily access any of your previously visited web pages. However, this web browser is not capable of keeping a track of the web bugs or any of your personal information, therefore, if your privacy is not your biggest concern, then you can conveniently make use of Lynx.

3. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a lightweight yet free browser designed for the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It uses Google Chrome as its default search engine but it is so efficient that it has beaten Mozilla Firefox in the HTML 5 Test. It has a very friendly and easy to use interface along with being fully customizable. The users are given the complete liberty of even changing the Themes of their browser according to their own taste. They can also schedule these themes to change automatically after a specified amount of time. Moreover, the efficient Tab Arrangement of Vivaldi enhances user satisfaction to the fullest.

This browser also enables the users to Take Notes and Bookmark their favorite web pages. You can also add Nicknames to your bookmarks for easier accessibility. The Speedy Navigation feature of Vivaldi allows you to fast forward and rewind the different pages of a certain website. This web browser also lets you Save your browsing sessions and then you can Open them any time you want. The Visual Tabs feature of Vivaldi is there to give you a preview of the tab that you want to open. All you have to do is just to hover the mouse pointer over an inactive tab that you want to open and you will be able to see a small view of its contents.


If you do not want to make your browser look messed up with a bunch of tabs appearing on the top, then Vivaldi enables you to group the similar tabs together with the help of its Tab Stacks feature so that only a limited number of tabs appear on your screen at a time. The Page Tiling or Tab Tiling feature of this browser allows you to view your active pages or tabs as tiles appearing on one single view. If you ever close any tabs accidentally then you do not have to worry about it at all because the Trash Can of Vivaldi is there which keeps a track of all the tabs you have ever opened so you can conveniently restore your accidentally closed tabs from there.

4. Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon is a free lightweight web browser designed for the Windows operating system which is considered highly secure since Comodo is a famous Security company. The interface and many other features of this web browser are quite similar to that of Mozilla Firefox, therefore, if you are a fan of Firefox browser, then you will not take long in getting along with Comodo IceDragon. Whenever you search for anything, the URL of that web page gets translated into the IP Address at the backend. For making this process all the more safe and secure, IceDragon uses Comodo’s own DNS servers which are way faster than other DNS servers out there.

Comodo IceDragon

This web browser apparently has no contact with your computer system because it runs in its own Virtually Created Container. Therefore, any kind of harmful software or application is never downloaded or installed on your computer system because of this browser. Before opening up any web page, Comodo IceDragon fully scans it for security and opens it only if its Security Test is passed. Moreover, this web browser is also capable of generating the Crash Reports and Browser Performance Reports for you.

5. SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey is an open source lightweight free web browser designed for the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is considered more than just a simple web browser because it has its own integrated Email Client, a built-in Chat Functionality as well as a built-in Editor that allows you to develop basic web pages. Therefore, this browser acts as a small package that provides you all the necessary facilities that you want and that too in a single place. It also has a built-in Password Manager that takes care of all your login credentials very efficiently. Moreover, the interface of this web browser is fully customizable which adds more to its ease of use.


SeaMonkey has the ability to detect and effectively respond to all of your Mouse Gestures. It also allows you to have Voice Interaction for easier accessibility. This feature is specially designed for people with certain disabilities. This web browser even keeps a track of all of your Browsing Sessions so that you can immediately get back to work by restoring your session any time you want. The Sync feature of this web browser enables you to synchronize all your preferences and settings across multiple devices. Despite having all these amazing features, this web browser still consumes a very limited number of system resources which makes it a good choice for you if you are hunting for a lightweight web browser.

Ayesha Sajid
Ayesha is a software developer by profession and is currently working as a lead developer with Code5. Programming Skills: Asp.net, C#, C/C++, Java, Golang, Android, UML, SQL and Html.