5 Best HDR Software

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and this technology is widely used in imaging and photography. As the name implies, HDR presents us with a wide range of colors because of which we are able to view our images more clearly and accurately. It focuses on each and every little contrast and brightness effects of an image thus highlighting even the tiniest of its details. All of us know that the human eye is such a powerful organ that no camera lens has been able to beat thus far. Therefore, whatever we visualize with the help of our eyes, we can just not capture it with the same accuracy.

However, with the advent of HDR technology, the resolutions of the cameras, monitors and TV screens have improved quite a lot. Therefore, people, these days prefer buying those gadgets that support HDR technology. One thing to be noted here is that the HDR hardware alone cannot do any good to you because of which you must have an HDR software that can work along with the hardware so that the whole assembly functions properly. That is why we would like to share with you a list of the 5 Best HDR Software. Let us try to look deeply into their features and specifications.

1. Aurora HDR 19

Aurora HDR 19 is a very powerful HDR software designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. Because of the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in this software, it enables you to experience a spectacular level of Color Enhancement. Additionally, it also presents you with the highest quality of Bracket Merging. With its awesome features like Creative LUT Mapping, Polarizing Filter, Color Toning, Dodge and Burn, Details Enhancer, etc. Aurora HDR 19 is able to fulfill all of your HDR editing needs. The HDR Denoise feature of this software intelligently detects and removes all sorts of noise present in your HDR photos while maintaining their original quality.

Aurora HDR 19

With the help of the HDR Smart Structure feature of this software, you can easily get into the eye-popping depths and details of all of your images. The HDR Clarity feature intelligently boosts the clarity of your images while adding Localized Contrast only where it is needed without messing up with your whole photo. The best thing about this software is that it works both as a Standalone Application as well as a Plug-in. It presents you with over 80 unique Looks that help you in beautifying your images from scratch. The Layers and Masking feature of this software give you the liberty to create whatever you want.

Aurora HDR 19 even allows you to produce multiple beautiful HDR photos at the same time with the help of its Batch Processing feature. The RAW Support feature of this software gives the best treatment to your raw photos and enhances all of their pixels very intelligently. This software has also won various different awards and is also recognized by HDR photographers around the whole world. Moreover, this software provides support for almost all of the popular cameras. Aurora HDR 19 is available at an affordable price of $99 with a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Aurora HDR 19 Pricing

2. Photomatix Pro

Photomatix Pro is another HDR software that is designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. This software enables you to Merge your ordinary photos taken under different settings with an HDR image that contains all the details which are required for enhancing the quality of your photos. The Automatic Alignment feature of this software eliminates the need for tripods for taking bracketed exposures. While taking photographs, you might have experienced the situation where everyone looks absolutely perfect except for that one person who moves right at the moment your photo is clicked. This definitely gets very annoying and spoils the whole picture. However, with the help of the Ghost Removal tool of Photomatix Pro, you can conveniently crop out those ghosts from your images within no time.

Photomatix Pro

This HDR software presents you with a wide range of different Styles that you can use for fine-tuning your images. You can easily find the perfect preset for your scene and photographic style with the help of 6 different Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion HDR Methods. You can even choose any of the 40 Built-in Presets of Photomatix Pro in order to change the look of your images completely or either use that preset as a starting point of your HDR editing. Moreover, this HDR software also gives you the liberty of creating your own presets or even importing the presets created by others. With features like Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Cropping, Straightening, etc. you can easily Add Finishing Touches to your photographs.

Photomatix Pro lets you enhance even a single photo with the help of its HDR Looks and Contrast Enhancements. It even allows you to edit your raw photos simply by enabling the Exposure Fusion feature. Sometimes, you want to edit multiple HDR photos with very same settings at once. This HDR software lets you achieve this goal because of its Batch Processing feature with which you can save your time by processing multiple photos at a time. Last but not least, Photomatix Pro offers us a Free Trial Version whereas its paid version costs $99 which is a one time cost.

Photomatix Pro Pricing

3. EasyHDR

EasyHDR is yet another HDR software designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. With the excellent Merging abilities of this software, you can easily merge several differently exposed images into one HDR image. The Tone Mapping feature of this software allows you to either get Realistic or Dramatic HDR results depending on your own requirements. It also provides you with the Lens Distortion and Chromatic Aberration Correction features with the help of which you can make your ordinary photos look extremely professional. You are also given the complete liberty to either enhance a Single image or do Batch Processing in order to save your precious time.

The best thing about this HDR software is that it provides you with a Free Adobe Lightroom Plug-in. You can make use of it for your Image Organization and Image Manipulation. This software is even compatible with 4K and Retina Screens. EasyHDR also lets you correct the White Balance of your images during tone mapping. It presents you with the Live Preview of whichever image you are editing at the moment with its full resolution photo so that you do not miss out on any of its details. This software works perfectly well with Layers which means that you can have distinct tone mapping parameters for every section of your photograph. Moreover, this software also gives you 3D Lookup Table for Color Grading.


The Image Alignment feature of EasyHDR is so efficient that it not only takes care of the Shifts and Rotations but also the Perspective from which an image is taken. It enables you to either Automatically or Manually Remove Ghosts which will otherwise spoil the final look of your image. The Noise Removal Filters of EasyHDR are there for enhancing the quality of your pictures to the fullest. You can apply these filters before tone mapping or even after it. In order to remove the dust particles or any other unwanted objects from your photographs, you can make use of the Clone and Healing Brush tool of this software. This HDR software also gives complete support to Color Management for making your images look all the more eye-catching.

As far as the pricing of EasyHDR is concerned, then it offers us a Free Demo Version whereas the details of its paid versions are given below:

  • EasyHDR 3 Home- This version of EasyHDR costs $39 per single-user license. It is a Lifetime license with Free Updates.
  • EasyHDR 3 Commercial- The price of this version of EasyHDR is $65 per single-user license. It is also a Lifetime license with Free Updates.
EasyHDR Pricing

4. HDR Projects

HDR Projects is a versatile HDR software for the Windows and Mac operating systems designed by Franzis. This software presents you with 5 Creative Image Styles that ensure quick success. This software comes with Free Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Plug-ins. If you are a fan of these tools then you will not even need to learn to use HDR Projects because it will let you edit your HDR photos in your native work environment. The Composing function of HDR Projects allows you to Remove any of the unwanted elements in your images and then Replace them with something better and appealing.

The most fascinating thing about this HDR software is that while using it, you will not even have to spend long hours thinking about the possible modifications that you can bring about in your photos in order to make them look more professional. This happens because HDR Projects analyses the photos that you upload on it within seconds and then it uses this data to generate more than 100 Image Improvement Recommendations. You can simply follow these suggestions without wasting any of your precious time and get your work done just within a matter of a few minutes.

HDR Projects

HDR Projects also supports Batch Processing because of which you can conveniently edit multiple HDR photos at a time. You can even give Modifiable Textures to different components of your image. In this way, you get to have more creative opportunities for image manipulation. This software offers you with 155 different Presets which means that the number of its Styles is in fact, 5 x 155 because whichever style you will choose in the beginning, HDR Projects will automatically apply it to all the 155 presets so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

This software provides 4K Support for program interfaces. It also has an Integrated Printing function. Moreover, it automatically does the Ghost Image Correction for you. With the Smart Detail Enhancement feature of HDR Projects, it intelligently recognizes all sorts of noise and other distortions present in your images and automatically excludes them during Detail Amplification. This HDR software offers us a Free Trial Version whereas its paid version is worth $99.

HDR Projects Pricing

5. Dynamic Photo HDR

Dynamic Photo HDR is an HDR software designed only for the Windows operating system by MediaChance. This software has gone way beyond just Tone Mapping which is considered as a very essential task in HDR editing. It has got a very friendly and intuitive user interface. Instead of overwhelming a new user, this software promotes Consistency throughout its interface and guides the user step by step by walking him through the whole application. According to MediaChance, the latest version of Dynamic Photo HDR is 2 times faster than any of its previous versions which means that with this HDR software, HDR editing is not a tedious task anymore.

Dynamic Photo HDR

This software works equally well for Single Images as well as for a Series of Bracketed Images. It presents you with an unlimited number of Effects and Layers which you can use in order to enhance the quality of your HDR images. It permits you to Add Textures, Masks, and Create your own Effect Flow. With the help of the Full Batch Processing feature of Dynamic Photo HDR, you can edit multiple images by uploading them all at once. This HDR software will automatically Align them and apply all the HDR Processing and Effects to them.

Dynamic Photo HDR also has the Automatic Ghost Removal feature which is a must from saving the quality of your HDR photos from being spoiled. You can perform an unlimited number of Undo operations without worrying about anything. This feature is especially helpful for the people who are new to HDR photo editing. This software even allows you to define your own Custom Presets so that you can flexibly and independently edit your HDR photos. This software is being used by a large number of photographers community throughout the globe. Dynamic Photo HDR offers us a Free Trial Version whereas the price of its paid version is $59.

Dynamic Photo HDR Pricing
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5 Best HDR Software

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