4J Studios Reportedly Makes its Move into Game Publishing

The Scottish studio 4J Studios is expanding into publishing after becoming well-known for developing Minecraft and other notable games for consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox.

Skye Tales by the studio, Puny Astronaut will be their first title, which is expected to be released as soon as the next year, coinciding with their decision to go into publishing. This is only the start of many more titles to come, including future 4J Studios games as well as titles from other Scottish creators Ant Workshop and StormCloud.

We have more new games scheduled for release in 2023 – a mixture of original games from 4J Studios and titles from studios we are invested in through Chroma Ventures,”

Earlier in 2017, 4J Studios invested a staggering six-figure sum in Puny Astronaut to help them complete their first game and later, bring it to the market.

Chroma Ventures, the studio’s investment fund, was established less than two years ago to provide “substantial” financial support to other developers. 4J Studios has said that it has “invested significantly” in “rising stars in the Scottish games industry” that company founders Paddy Burns and Chris van der Kuyl chose.

van der Kuyl emphasized that 4J Studios is not interested in taking a “one size fits all” approach to publishing, but rather wants to work closely with each of its partners to meet their individual requirements. He stated that his primary goal is to create enjoyable video games, and that 4J aims to create a number of franchises, each with DLCs and expansions to maintain interest over time.

4J Studios is best known for developing Minecraft for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo consoles. In March, 4J Studios appointed former NBC Universal Executive Producer Brian Gomez the new role of Creative Director and Executive Producer. Brian has been working on latest games and technologies ever since he joined 4J. He also assists Chroma Ventures’ games development studios. 

Later this week, a detailed interview with Chris van der Kuyl, co-founder of 4J Studios and new publisher, will be posted on GamesIndustry.biz.


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