43-inch Gaming Laptop Featuring Intel’s NUC Platform Surfaces Online

Laptops are growing smaller in size as we progress with technological evolution. In a rare sighting, a YouTube channel named “Evan and Katelyn” made a large 43-inch laptop that weighs over 100 Pounds (45 kg).

While it might not be best suitable for daily usage, you can surely pick it up for a short time (at least for a photoshoot).

Picking the 43-inch laptop isn’t that easy | Evan and Katelyn

In this project, a wood, vinyl, and ABS box houses a full-size 43-inch TV screen. The laptop draws a maximum power of 260W during gaming usage. It isn’t clear where the power is going, although it’s probably the screen behind most of it.

Powered by a pair of big batteries and a stealthy Intel NUC 11, this device is surprisingly versatile. A Core i7-1165G7 processor and RTX 2060 graphics are included in this “compact” personal computer. Various cables, USB hubs, and controllers for the RGB strips used to decorate the inside of the casing are included.

RGB Lighting on the Laptop | Evan and Katelyn

Two internal power supplies, each rated at 150 watts are more than adequate. A mechanical keyboard specifically the Redragon K605 is set up for use; it is 58.4 cm in width and features keys that are much bigger than those on a standard keyboard. The homemade laptop is 45 kilos heavy, making it the heaviest of all portable notebook computers.

World’s Largest Laptop

One of the most absurd designs is the Acer Predator X21, which is still in production as of 2017. This portable device had a desktop-sized keyboard, a curved 21-inch display, and two GeForce GTX 1080 graphics processing units (GPUs) (yes, in SLI). Among the heaviest consumer laptops ever produced, the whole machine weighs 8.5 kg. That’s why a suitcase wheel was included with the shipping, of course.

Acer Predator X21 | Acer

Dell introduced its XPS M2010 laptop in 2010, which is essentially a desktop computer in a suitcase. This portable computer included a 20-inch display and a keyboard that could be removed. It was widely regarded and is still widely regarded, as one of the least useful laptop designs ever created. 

Dell XPS M2010 | Dell

Large-sized laptops are not the most practical, but they make a fantastic research tool. Please let us know what you think about laptop sizes in the comments section below.


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