NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 To Be Priced Lower Than the RTX 3090 Ti

Recently, we came across a leak on Chiphell stating that the RTX 4090 from NVIDIA’s Lovelace series will be featured in two flavours (450W and 600W) while being priced lower than the 3090 Ti.

The leaks also give us a glimpse of what we can expect from NVIDIA this year. Sadly, as per the rumours only the 4090 will be available to the consumer market with the lower end and the possible Titan/-Ti variants being delayed to Q1 2023.

“Why NVIDIA, Why?”. A possible reason could be the current state of the market. As of now, the demand for Ampere GPUs is not high whereas the supply just keeps on flowing. From a business point of view, NVIDIA would profit more by selling their Ampere GPUs a bit longer while the supplies last.

The RTX 3080 Ti which had an initial MSRP of $1200 is being sold for as low as $800. The BFGPU (RTX 3090) has had its priced dropped to a record low of just $1000 which is a massive 33% decrease over its MSRP. This shows us why NVIDIA would choose to use Ampere as its cash cow.

An interesting part of this rumour is that the 4090 will have two TDPs, 450W and 600W. It is highly likely that the FE (Founders Edition) having less cooling features will utilize the lower TDP GPU whereas the higher TDP variant will be aimed for AIB partners. 


Finally, for the pricing, the leak suggests that the 4090 will be priced lower than the RTX 3090 Ti. Note that the RTX 3090 Ti had an MSRP of $2000 whereas the RTX 3090 (Non-Ti) had an MSRP of $1500. We can expect the pricing of the 4090 to be in the territory of $1600-1700 which is quite higher than its predecessor. There was a massive outcry regarding the 3090’s initial MSRP, so NVIDIA will have to play their cards carefully.

The upcoming 4090 will make use of NVIDIA’s AD102-300 GPU. The full AD102 chip may be utilized by the upcoming Titan or another 40xx-Ti which may be in the making. 

  • RTX 4000 Titan? : AD102-450
  • RTX 4090 Ti : AD102-350
  • RTX 4090 : AD102-300
NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace Rumoured Lineup

Which GPU are you the most excited about from the upcoming Lovelace series? Tell us in the comments.


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