Microsoft Teams Users: 3×3 Grid View Is Nice, But A 5×5 View Is What We Need For Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams is facing strong competition from Zoom amid the coronavirus pandemic. The sudden surge in demand forced Microsoft to increase the number of people you can simultaneously view on your screen. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that it has started rolling out a 3×3 grid view for Microsoft Teams video calls, and the feature began showing up for some users at that time.

Microsoft has recently announced that the new 3×3 view is now generally available for Windows and Mac clients in Microsoft Teams and you can now see the video feed to 9 meeting participants at a time. It is one of the highly requested features on Microsoft’s UserVoice forums and a Microsoft representative has confirmed that the roll-out process has been partially completed, and you can read the support document for more details.

Microsoft Teams Users Want Microsoft To Increase This Limit Even Further

Even though a lot of Microsoft Teams users are happy to see this feature, there is a subset of people who think that the 3×3 view is not enough. In response to the official statement, many people stated that large organizations and educational institutions are currently relying on other video conferencing solutions to see all the meeting attendees. According to them, Microsoft needs to understand the importance of increasing this limit in order to priorities its work in these uncertain times. Someone commented on UserVoice forum:

“3 x 3 is a great step forward. I have seen it in the wild, though not in my org, yet. We are loosing ground to Zoom over this one feature. I find more windows distracting, but they seem to like it. 4 x 5 is needed to compete with the Zoom shadow IT I have in my org. 4 x 4 at a minimum. 5 x 5 would be excellent. Teams has superior a/v quality, but it’s about bells and whistles for users. They will take this even over security and quality. We need this now.”

Some other users are of the opinion that it’s so annoying to see the cameras switching all the time, and a 5×5 view is also needed to grow Microsoft Teams’ userbase. At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation from Microsoft about an increased limit. As Microsoft has already promised to increase the existing limit, we really hope that the software giant prioritizes this feature in its queue and the implementation process completes within the next few weeks.


Alex Schoff

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