Intel May Drop TSMC 3nm Node for Meteor Lake tGPUs

As a follow up to our previous article which mentioned TSMC possibly delaying its 3nm process, rumours have come up regarding Intel not considering TSMC’s 3nm node anymore. Intel is denying all such claims, however, Raichu on Twitter says otherwise.

Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger stated that Meteor Lake will make use of the ‘Intel 4′ architecture. Although, bear in mind Intel’s 14th gen will not fully utilize this node. Intel plans for a special tGPU which act as Chipzilla’s alternative for AMD’s and Apple’s on-die graphics solution. This special tGPU makes use of TSMC’s 3nm technology, which is reportedly undergoing various problems.

So, what became of Intel’s deal with TSMC? The CEO might have arranged a new workaround by utilizing the 3nm process for team blue’s Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake. Bear in mind the fact that Intel’s 14th gen may launch sometime around 2023, so we will see 3nm being used no earlier than 2024.


Abdullah Faisal

With a love for computers since the age of five, Abdullah has always sought to delve into the depths of information, and uses it as his guiding light. He believes success is of utmost importance as history is written by the victor.
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