NVIDIA Reinstates Production Of RTX 3080 12GB

NVIDIA seems to be facing an inventory issue. Basically, post-Ampere, there just were not enough GPUs to satisfy the market’s demand. The cherry on the cake was the fact that Ampere due to its enhanced efficiency was preferred by miners. Now, the opposite is happening. NVIDIA has too much inventory to clear out but there aren’t that many interested buyers.

RTX 3080 12GB Back in action

Zed_Wang on Twitter claims that since NVIDIA is oversupplied with GA102 stock, it is forced to resume the production of 3080 12GB SKUs. The RTX 3080 12GB came in the market this January to tackle the then ongoing GPU apocalypse. It was supposedly priced a bit lower to attract buyers. I mean anyone would buy a GPU that didn’t cost an arm and a leg back then.

Production for this refresh variant stopped 2 months ago. However, as NVIDIA is currently drowning in GA102 stock, this step had to be taken. 

RTX 3080 10GB Variant:

  • CUDA Cores : 8704
  • RT Cores : 68 
  • Tensor Cores : 272
  • Bus = 320-bit 
  • TDP = 320W

RTX 3080 12GB Variant :

  • CUDA Cores : 8960 (3% More, 256+)
  • RT Cores : 70 (3% More, 2+)
  • Tensor Cores : 280 (3% More, 8+)
  • Bus = 384-bit (20% More, 64+)
  • TDP = 350W (9% More, 30W+)

A possible delay in Lovelace?

Considering the fact that both giants (AMD and NVIDIA) are dropping their prices massively, with the 3090 Ti now selling closer to $1000, one will wonder if Lovelace is delayed. Team red on the other hand has dropped its flagship RDNA 2 GPU’s price by 30% over at Newegg

RX 6900 XT Price Drop | Newegg

NVIDIA and AMD were both inflated due to the pandemic and its effects on the market. Now that things are starting to cool down, every giant is expected to see losses. A possible solution favoring these companies could be to price the newer generation higher than last gen. However, that is still yet to be seen.


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