Lego Partners Up With 2K In Developing a Football Game

Is 2K actually going to work on a project with LEGO, or was that just a rumor?

In February 2022, news surfaced that LEGO and 2K would be collaborating on a video game in the future. Now, about a year later, the agreement appears to be confirmed as images of a mini figure have seemingly appeared online, uploaded by LEGO’s certification page.

Lego’s packaging showing Finnius Dash | 1414falconfan

The image shows a packaging depicting a LEGO character named Finnius Dash, wearing a Barcelona shirt. The bottom right has a 2K logo that is easily recognizable. Two things can be inferred from this. The first is that 2K is developing a brick-based football video game. The second is the agreement itself being confirmed directly, which would sever the previous collaboration with Warner Bros., the present owner of the rights to Lego’s video games.

The figure may be simply a promotional item, meant to be given away at events, but honestly, we can’t say anything just yet. We haven’t seen anything till now or heard any formal announcements, but it was expected that the football game would be released in late 2022 to coincide with the FIFA World Cup.

Previously, Lego games had an exclusive contract with Warner’s TT Games, but with this 2K deal, we expect to see some truly wonderful games. Not that TT is leaving Lego video games altogether, but declining sales of its Lego titles are said to have played a role in the company’s decision to not extend its exclusivity relationship with Warner.

As of now, there have been no official announcements from both the companies, so it remains to be seen how this deal pans out. Until then, we will keep you informed of any important updates as they come.


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