Customers’ Data from 2K Games Reportedly Being Sold Online

In September this year, malware-infected emails were sent from the 2K support account to its users. After receiving reports of people clicking on links in emails from 2K, the company swiftly released a public statement warning people to stop doing so.

After the company revealed that its customer support services had been hacked, players were urged to change their passwords. Emails referring to Zendesk support cases that customers had not initiated were sent to some individuals. RedLine malware, which collects personal information, was attached to the emails as zip files containing executable files cleverly disguised as a new launcher for 2K.

As a result of this security breach, sensitive information relevant to the users was accessed and then made available for purchase.  Earlier this week, 2K promptly contacted those affected and advised them to take preventive actions to prevent further losses.

It notified its users via email that some of their personal information had been compromised following the September 19 leaks and was being sold online.

We recommend restarting your computer immediately and using cybersecurity best practices, resetting all your passwords, using MFA where available, and using updated anti-virus software. Please refer to our post for additional guidance. “

After learning about the data leak a month ago, 2K immediately took its customer support website offline while it conducted an investigation and brought the intrusion under control. After such a breakdown, the company assured its customers that the portal can once again be used without any privacy concerns.

This is something that needs to be taken very seriously, especially when considering the size of the company in question. Not only this, but not too long ago, we witnessed one of the most significant leaks the gaming community has ever witnessed, and that leak concerned Grand Theft Auto VI. It is possible that there is no direct connection between the two data breaches; nonetheless, the parent business of 2K, Take Two, is also the same company that owns Rockstar Games.

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