1st UFS 3.0 Storage Drives for Smartphones Announced by Western Digital

The buzz about next generation UFS 3.0 Storage for smartphones has already been trending on the internet since last year. Samsung showcased the Galaxy Fold featuring UFS 3.0 Storage but didn’t mention if the Galaxy S10 trio had it too. While Samsung makes their storage drives in-house, Western Digital has taken the opportunity to announce their iNAND MC EU511 UFS 3.0 drive for other smartphone brands to use.

Because many smartphone manufacturers use storage drives made by companies like Western Digital in their smartphones, we now expect UFS 3.0 tech to enter mainstream smartphones soon enough. MWC 2019 is just around the corner and we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw smartphones featuring the next generation of Universal Flash Storage.

UFS 3.0 is expected to improve app loading times and other storage dependent operations by a huge margin. According to XDA Developers, “Most current flagship phones with UFS 2.1 have a theoretical max bandwidth of 1,200MB/s (600MB/s per lane, two lanes) while UFS 3.0 touts a theoretical max of 2,900MB/s (1,450MB/s per lane, two lanes).” These are theoretical speeds however,  WD’s iNAND MC EU511 boasts of turbo sequential write speeds up to 750MB/s per lane.-

“High-speed 5G networks are set to deliver data at up to 100X the speed of previous generations and amplify AI on many devices. Real-time computing on the edge will be in such high demand that high standards of data capturing and accessing are fundamental. “With our UFS 3.0 embedded flash drive, we are enabling users to experience the new power of 5G applications, on-demand, seamlessly and instantaneously“, said Oded Sagee, senior director, Devices, Western Digital.

Faster download speeds with 5G combined with high-speed storage could really make a difference in real-world applications. 4K content and high-resolution photos will be the files that will without any doubt, benefit from the high data transfer speeds. Apart from the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10, we expect the Oneplus 7 to feature UFS 3.0 Storage.

Sahas Arya
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