$180 Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake CPU is Faster Than $540 Core i9-11900K in Leaked Benchmarks

Another day, another Alder Lake processor destroys its competition in leaked benchmarks. Just yesterday we covered, the Core i7-12700F beating the Ryzen 7 5800X in Geekbench and today we have yet another Ryzen-beating score, this time with the Core i5-12400. Couple of days ago, we had a Core i5-12400F showdown against a bunch of Intel and AMD processors and the CPU came out absolutely dominating its adversaries; today is no different.

Today’s leak comes courtesy of chi11eddog on Twitter, who tested the Core i5-12400 against Intel’s previous-gen flagship, Core i9-11900KF in 5 games and Cinebench R23. Now, keep in mind that these two CPUs are in completely different categories: one is a mid-range do-it-all kind of chip that offers great value while the other is the best of the best Intel could offer just a year ago. Yet the results of these benchmarks paint an entirely different story.

The spec breakdown

Just as a quick reminder, the i5-12400 is a 6 core, 12 thread Alder Lake CPU running at 3.0Ghz and can boost up to 4.6Ghz. All 6 of those cores are Golden Cove Performance Cores as this chip doesn’t have any Gracemont Efficiency Cores. But, as you’ll see soon the lack of E-cores doesn’t affect this processor’s efficiency at all. Moreover, the 12400 should cost $210 while the “F” variant will retail for $180, if leaks are to be believed.

The test bench uses 4800Mhz DDR5 memory for the Core i5-12400 and 2666Mhz DDR4 memory for the i9-11900KF. The capacity is 32GB for both CPUs but the i5 uses a 16GBx2 configuration whereas an 8GBx4 configuration is used for the i9. The motherboard, cooler, and GPU remain the same across both processors. chi11eddog used a MSI B660M Mortar paired with a MAG CoreLiquid C240 cooler, the GPU in question was the MSI RTX 3070 Ti 8GB Gaming X Trio.

The Benchmarks

Coming to the leaks, I’ll cut straight to the chase. The i5-12400 beats the i9-11900KF in every single gaming benchmark, netting an average of 2% more FPS compared to the i9. Let me remind you that the 11900K is a $500+ CPU that has 8 cores and 16 threads, clocked much higher than the i5. The i9 easily beats Ryzen 9 chips in gaming benchmarks so that should tell you even more about the kind of performance we’re looking at.

Core i5-12400 vs. Core i9-11900KF gaming benchmarks | chi11eddog

In Cinebench R23, the i5-12400 scores 1,694 points while the i9-11900KF only managed to net 1,604 points in Single-Core tests. So, not only does the Alder Lake i5 destroy the 11900KF in gaming, but it seems to have taken the lead in synthetic benchmarks as well. On the other hand, the 12400 did score slightly less points when it came to Multi-Core tests, but that’s given considering the core count discrepancy between the two SKUs.

Core i5-12400F vs Core i9-11900KF in Cinebench R23 | chi11eddog

If those performance numbers weren’t enough, the 12400 is also significantly more efficient than the notoriously-inefficient i9-11900K, and, of course, it runs cooler as well. The i5 is said to hover around 65°C on average and consumes 75W of power while gaming. When stress in PRIME95 with maximum load, the CPU peaked at 100W of power, which is nothing compared to the i9’s 250W peak.

As you can probably already tell, this is kind of insane. The performance this little mid-range chip can churn out is giving current-gen flagships a run for their money. This is a true testament to Alder Lake’s architectural finesse and how it truly is a next-gen innovations capable of causing massive waves in the industry. If everything goes as planned, the Core i5-12400(F) might just become the best bang-for-buck processor ever made. We’ll just have to wait and see when it launches in January at CES 2022.

Huzaifa Haroon
Born and raised around computers, Huzaifa is an avid gamer and a Windows enthusiast. When he's not solving the mysteries of technology, you can find him writing about operating systems, striving to inform the curious.

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$180 Intel Core i5-12400 Alder Lake CPU is Faster Than $540 Core i9-11900K in Leaked Benchmarks

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