15 Funniest Cat Memes

The cats have become one of the most famous internet animals. Cat memes have been trending since forever. And people really enjoy these cat memes. These memes give you a good laugh as you can totally link yourself to the thoughts reflected in the meme. And if you have cats, it tops it all.  Because you know what these cute devils are up to all the time.

Let’s check out the funniest cat memes according to me which you are definitely going to love.

1. By Choice

Success at my paws

There are no accidents for cats. It is all intentional for most of the part.

2. Cute Devils

Acting cute

They might be very cute to look at, but we all know what the devil is planning from the inside. Mischievous all the time.

3. Just Being a Good Neighbour

No good neighbour like the cat?

Like is that even possible? A cat can never stay in their own house. And when they get a chance, getting into the other’s premises is their hobby. Tell me about it!

4. When the Cat is Hungry

Do it is the only option here

You have no option. You cannot not feed the cat. Because if you don’t feed the cat, the cat makes sure you get up from there.

5. When They Don’t Give You Food

No food. I’m moving out.

They know exactly what needs to be done. Don’t they?

6. Scratching Everything and Anything

Sorry not sorry?

This is like their inner talent. Cats, love to scratch. Everything, literally. They even scratch humans.

7. The Cat Superiority Complex

They call me, the Queen

They don’t call the cat, a ‘queen’ just like that. They mean it. And queens like to be treated like queens, not cats.

8. The Reaction When You Bring Someone They Don’t Like

The Dog does not enter this house

We all know how that goes even for humans.

9. The Demanding Cat

Play with me. Now. Again.

Their never-ending demands. Their purring and meowing never ends. They want to be cuddled. They want to be entertained. Do that!

10. Just Lazying Around

Just being my lazy self

As far as I know, cats are, by far, the laziest pet animal alive. They sleep all day long, they yawn all they long. It’s ‘Eat, sleep and repeat’ for them. Makes you wonder if you could be a cat someday.

11. The Blame Game

It wasn’t me!

It is their pretend face. And I know it is adorable! They’d try to be all cool about it or blame someone else for it, but really, you can tell who did it.

12. Because That is What They Love the Most

I wont do it again. Just kidding.
I won’t do it again. Just kidding.

Having a cat is like being on a guard duty 24/7. I have these cousins who keep looking for their cat whenever I visit them, and then they have to literally make sure that the doors are closed because the cat is going to run away again, and come back on its own again.

13. If You aren’t Their Slave, Then What Are You?

You human slave.

From serving them food, to cleaning their poop, a human who owns a pet cat, is called a human slave. And the cats enjoy that.

14. Those Scars

Lesson Learned.

Messing with a cat? Bad idea. One scratch and you’re down.

15. They Are Pretty Good at Blackmailing

Will you or will you not?

Queens of ruining everything? Yeah, that is them for sure. They make things fall, they make things disappear and they even make things tear. And since most of us work on laptops now, we know what a cat loves the most now? The laptop. Yes.

Did you enjoy these memes? ‘cause I know I did. Even though I don’t own a cat but I know how relatable these are to cat owners. Oh wait, ‘Human Slaves’ as they call it.

Habiba Rehman
Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.