13 Best PS4 Games for Kids

Lets the Kids Have Some Fun

There is no doubt that the PS4 falls on the list of trophy gifts you could give to your kid. However, there is always the fear that some of the games they play will expose them to explicit and graphical content at their tender ages. As much as GTA 5 or Call of Duty is a great game, you do not want your kid playing them. The good news is that there are numerous kid-friendly games to keep your child happy and entertained.

Actually, your kid will be able to pick up a lesson or two from these games. This is a list of games we feel will be great for your kids. Nevertheless, you are the final judge and at the end of it all, you decide what is really best for your kid.

1. Just Dance 2019

This is a great game if your kid has a passion for dancing. Since it’s a 2019 game, you can expect all the recent songs and dances to be incorporated in the game. All words that may be inappropriate for children have been censored so you have nothing to worry about. It comes with a multiplayer support that will allow your kids to compete with their friends or even challenge you to a dance battle.

Just Dance 2019

The developers have also introduced a new kid’s mode that comes with 8 songs specifically adapted for kids between 3-6 years and much easier dances. The fact that this game combines TV with exercise is a definite plus.

Developer: Ubisoft
Genre: Dance

2. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

This is the second franchise of the Lego Marvel Super Heroes games and comes with even more heroes and villains. It has also introduced new characters such as Greenskyn Smashtroll and Hit-monkey that you have probably never heard of before.

Marvel Superheroes

The game focuses mostly on the guardians of the galaxy as they battle a supervillain called Kang. It is great for your kids as it gives them a chance to interact with their favourite DC Comics characters.

Developer: Traveller’s Tales (TT)
Publisher: Warner Bros
Genre: epic adventure

3. Knack

The humans are at war with the goblins and seem to be losing. That’s before Dr Vargas finds a way to create a 3-foot monster called Knack by binding ancient relics and breathing life into them. The kids will love watching Knack grow into a giant monster as he gobbles down objects and beats goblins to a pulp.


Dont worry the violence is all cartoonish. The game is quite straightforward and will be very easy for your child to progress to the next level.

Developer: SCE Japan Studio
Publisher: SCEA
Genre: Adventure

4. The Sims 4

The basic concept of this game revolves around creating the Sim characters and managing their lives. The Sim world is quite similar to the real world in that the sims have jobs and earn money. The game is a great way to teach responsibility to your kids. They learn about making the right decisions in real-life situations and more importantly, they learn how to manage money.

The Sims 4

For a point-and-click game, the Sims 4 is quite intriguing. The addition of toddlers to the game is also an important update. Your kids will now have more fun managing characters that they easily relate with.

Publisher: Electronic arts (EA)
Genre: Simulation

5. Stardew Valley

This is a farming simulation game. It begins with the character in the game quitting a boring office job to go upcountry and manage their grandpa’s beloved farm. Stardew Valley makes farming cool and is a great way to remind the kids that there is still fun beyond the cities.

Stardew Valley

The player clears the lands for planting and tends to the plants until they are ready for harvest. It also involves rearing livestock, mining and crafting. It is a great way to teach kids these skills that they may never learn in their lifetime.

Developers: Concerned Ape
Publishers: Chucklefish
Genre: Simulation

6. Kingdom Hearts III

This game is the final chapter to the Kingdom Hearts game series. However, that does not mean you will feel left out having not played the previous two. This game is about Sora and his friends who embark on a mission to stop an evil force.

Kingdom Hearts

It is set in a massive collection of Disney and Pixar worlds and kids will enjoy seeing their favourite characters, Donald Duck and Goofy, fight together with Sora.

Developer: Yoko shimomura
Publishers: Square Enix
Genre: Action Role-playing

7. Overcooked

This is a cooking game that involves you and other players trying to complete as many orders as possible. The controls are pretty basic and should be easy for your kid to master.


This game comes with 4 multiplayer local support and is a great way to pass time as a family. Your children also get to learn about teamwork and multitasking.

Developers: Team 17 Digital Limited, Ghost Town Games
Publishers: Team 17
Genre: Simulation

8. Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

If you had a PS 1 then you probably played the first release of this game known as Crash Bandicoot. The Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy is a remaster of its 3 predecessors and, therefore, you get a chance to enjoy three games in one package.

Crash N Sane Trilogy

This game is a great way to reminisce about the good old days with your kids. It does not include any vulgar content and the violence levels are extremely low with no goring. The kids will enjoy switching between the two playable characters and completing the over 100 levels.

Developers: Josh Mancell
Publishers: Activasion
Genre: Platform

9. Rayman Legends

In this game, you are charged with stopping evil teensies that threaten to invade the Glade of Dreams and freeing up your friends in the process. It comprises mainly of cartoonish violence where characters transform into bubbles once killed.

Rayman Legends

The sidescrolling will remind you of SuperMario with the exception that you will be saving your friends instead of collecting coins. The soundtrack is also quite soothing. Couple that with the goofy humour and you have yourself a great game.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Platform

10. Dragon Ball FighterZ

This is a fighting game based on the popular Dragon Ball anime. Compared to all other DBZ games, FighterZ has the best visuals. Players battle it out through use of martial arts and fantasy powers in a fast and wild combat. However, the fights are not graphic and do not expose the kid to any real violence.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The children will also enjoy the impact sounds and light effects that the game incorporates in the fights. At some point, the bad and the good sides of the game will have to come together for a greater cause which is a great way to teach your kids about compromise.

Publishers: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Genre: Fighting

11. Moss

This game reminds you of Stuart Little as it casts you into the world of Quill, a cute mouse heroine on her quest to save her people (mouses). The combats in the game are fun and the inclusion of environmental puzzles like climbable ledges will see to it that your child puts their brain to work. The puzzles are not too challenging and the child should be able to get through them with a little practice.


Quill will be an excellent role model to the kids and will inspire them as she rides squirrels to go save her world. On the down low, this game is only four hours long. However, it’s a short refined experience that you will be glad you were a part of.

Publishers: Polyarc
Genre: Adventure

12. Rocket League

This game is a perfect blend of racing and soccer. The basic concept involves controlling a rocket-fueled car to hit a big soccer ball and beat your opponents to the goal. Your kid will have great fun customizing the car with the various upgrades rewarded throughout the game.

Rocket League

The controls are also simple to understand as they only involve moving forward, reverse, jumping and a boost. The only violence you will witness in rocket league is when you hit your opponent’s car.

Publishers: Psyonix
Genre: Sports

13. Ratchet and Clank

This game has been developed specifically for kids but after a while playing you will realize that it’s as much fun for adults. Particularly Qwark’s jokes that may be lost on the children. It follows the story of the two main characters Ratchet and Clank as they try to save the galaxy from Aliens.

Ratchet and Clank

There will be shooting but it’s nothing gory. I doubt orange goo splashing from shot aliens is enough to scare a child.

Developers: Michael Bross
Publishers: Insomniac games
Genre: Platform

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13 Best PS4 Games for Kids

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