Pricing For Intel 13th Gen ‘Raptor Lake’ CPUs Listed by Canadian Retailer, Cheaper Than AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs

Over at Twitter, momomo_us shared a few images of Intel’s upcoming 13th Gen ‘Raptor Lake‘ CPUs listed at a Canadian retailer. These indeed are placeholders and the prices are subject to change. The CPUs include the :

  • i9-13900K    | 941 CAD / $726
  • i9-13900KF  | 901 CAD / $695
  • i7-13700K    | 663 CAD / $511
  • i7-13700KF  | 626 CAD / $483
  • i5-13600K    | 461 CAD / $355
  • i5-13600KF  | 424 CAD / $327

This does appear to be the initial lineup for Intel’s Raptor Lake which is set to be announced sometime in late September during Intel’s Innovation Event.

Intel Raptor Lake Listing | canadapc via Videocardz

Ryzen 7000 Pricing

The same retailer listed AMD’s upcoming Zen4 based CPUs a while back. 

  • R5 7600X = 423.99CAD or $330
  • R7 7700X = 613.99CAD or $479
  • R9 7900X = 777.99CAD or $600
  • R9 7950X = 1,140.99CAD or $900

This also turns out to be the initial lineup for AMD’s upcoming Zen4 which is expected to be confirmed on the 29th of August. When we compare the pricing for both these lineups, the results are rather interesting.

  • R5 7600X vs i5-13600K ($330 vs $355)
  • R7 7700X vs i7-13700K ($479 vs $511)
  • R9 7950X vs i9-13900K ($900 vs $726)

The results get more and more drastic as we move upwards. Is the R9 7950X going to be priced much higher than the i9-13900K? Probably not. However, performance wise, initial results show Intel’s silicon in lead.

CinebenchR23 Raptor Lake MT Test Updated

Any Leaks Regarding the Performance?

Sadly, not many leaks have surfaced regarding Zen4’s performance. Experts now fear that Zen4 may lose out to Raptor Lake even in multi-core testing (AMD’s own territory). However, maybe a -X3D refresh may crush Raptor Lake on all fronts. But by then, we will see the release of the -KS lineup. Team red still leads in efficiency though. 

Cinebench R23 Performance per Watt

Release Date

These CPUs are expected to be announced sometime in the last week of September with an official release date planned for October


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