Complete Intel 13th Gen ‘Raptor Lake’ Lineup Leaks Out, i5 Features 66% More Cores

Recently it seems that ExtremePlayer has got their hands on the complete lineup for Raptor Lake. 

The maximum configuration for the i5, i7 and i9 CPUs from Raptor Lake is as follows:

  • i9 series = 4 SKUs (8+16) 
  • i7 series = 4 SKUs (8+8)
  • i5 series = 5 SKUs (6+8)
  • i3 series = 1-2 SKUs (4+?)
Complete Raptor Lake Lineup | ExtremePlayer

These numbers are insane. Basically, all K-SKUs offer 2x more efficient cores as compared to Alder Lake. Similarly, Intel has expanded on its i5 lineup to take more market share from AMD’s upcoming Zen4. We already know the performance levels of nearly all the K-SKUs from Raptor Lake;

No Major Changes in the Die

HXL claims that only the 13900K/KF/F/non-K will feature Raptor Lake’s new die. However, this has been contradicted by previous claims. This far, from the scattered information, we know that all CPUs above (and including) the i5-13600K are to ship with Intel’s brand new Raptor Lake die. Whereas, the others such as the i5-13600 are merely a refresh from Alder Lake.

Intel’s Trump Card

Take a closer look at the above lineup. You will see that the i5 has many budget options (4 to be exact). The lowest end i5 (13400) features 10 cores and has performance on par with the i5-12600K (As per a few claims). Remember, this is the successor to the i5-12400. With the last few generations, team blue has had complete control over the budget segment.

The i3-13100 is an exact copy of the 12100. Now, take these leaks with a grain of salt because I personally believe that Intel may give the 13100 two additional e-cores (Being a refresh of Alder Lake).

Release Date

These CPUs are set to arrive sometime in October. Intel targets their innovation event for an official announcement regarding their upcoming generation of CPUs. The innovation event this year lies sometime in the last week of September. Expect an announcement on the 27-28th of September.


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