Intel Core i9-13900KS Benchmarked, Scores 30% Higher Than AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X

Intel unveiled their Raptor Lake platform yesterday promising to bring in massive improvements as compared to last-gen. From the initial looks, aside from the ‘certain’ performance-boosts, we are getting increased efficiency. Read our detailed article here for more information.

As a last minute addition, team blue showcased a 6.0GHz CPU planned to ship next year in limited quantities. As expected, this is the i9-13900KS. We do not have any official specifications, however, they will most likely be similar to the 13900K. Today, over at bilibiliIt’s Lord, not Lord” benchmarked this behemoth in CPU-Z

The Performance

The 13900KS manages to score 982.5 points and 18453.4 points in the single & multi core test respectively. The single-core score is 30% faster than AMD’s kingpin R9 7950X. To put these numbers into perspective, we compiled a relative performance chart.

i9-13900KS CPUZ Score | bilibili

The i9-13900KS absolutely demolishes AMD’s Zen4 lineup in the single core tests. The actual clock speeds should be in the ballpark of 6.0GHz, but that is without overclocking

CPU-Z Single Core Comparison

Moving over to the multi-core test, AMD’s throne is taken by Intel’s i9-13900KS. The X3D refresh for Zen4 will prove to be worth the wait. However, even the Ryzen 7 5800X3D doesn’t outperform the 5950X when it comes to productivity. It’ll be interesting to see how both companies compete against one another next year. 

CPU-Z Multi Core Comparison

Intel Core i9-13900KS

Intel’s i9-13900KS is most likely going to have the same specifications as its non-KS counterpart. The only difference will be the out-of-the-box 6.0GHz+ clocks. Keeping that in mind;

The i9-13900KS will ship with 24 cores / 32 threads with frequencies much higher than 6.0GHz with a capable motherboard. Packed with 68MB of cache (36MB of L3 + 32MB of L2), this CPU is almost on par with AMD’s 7950X (80MB) in terms of cache. The power consumption will be around ~150W as a base TDP. We expect this CPU to cost around $750.


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