Intel’s Upcoming i9-13900K Takes The Number 1 Spot in The PassMark Leaderboard

Intel is looking forward to unveil its next-Gen Raptor Lake CPUs on the 27th of September. We have the specifications for these CPUs revealed beforehand, you can read more about that here. Similarly Intel also confirmed the K-SKUs from its Raptor Lake series. Today, Intel’s i9-13900K turned out to be the fastest CPU in PassMark single-threaded testing as pointed out by TUM_APISAK.

The Raptor Lake King

Intel’s i9-13900K ships with 24 (8p+16e) cores / 32 threads. On using the thermal velocity boost, the clock speeds can go as high as 5.8GHz and the 6.0GHz OC territory is a piece of cake for Intel even without liquid cooling. The CPU is rated at 125W of power (Max Turbo Power of 253W).

PassMark ranks the i9-13900K at 4833 points which gives it the number 1 spot in singe-threaded performance. Since we do not have AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs here, we cannot say for sure if Intel can hold its spot. However, Intel and AMD trade blows in various benchmarks with AMD at the top in some and Intel cruising past AMD in some. It will be interesting to see which CPU can deliver the best real-world single core performance.

13900K in PassMark | cpubenchmark

Team blue left no loose end in the multi-core category with the 13900K easily beating out even the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5955WX. We yet again do not have numbers from AMD, however, Intel does have a core count advantage here. 

13900K in PassMark | cpubenchmark


From every leak we’ve seen so far, Intel’s CPU have put up quite the competition for AMD’s Zen4. To top it off, Raptor Lake may possibly be priced a bit lower than Ryzen 7000 this time. AMD is still the efficiency king but we’ll have to wait until both CPUs arrive to see which one delivers the most cost-effective solution. 

  1. Raptor Lake Announcement : 27th September, 2022
  2. Pre-orders for the i9 series : 27th September, 2022
  3. Pre-orders for the i5/i7 series : 13th October, 2022
  4. Arrival of your goods : 20th October, 2022

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