Intel i9-13900K Tested in Ashes Of The Singularity, Offers Neglible Increments in Performance

Many leaks have come up regarding Raptor Lake’s performance in the past few weeks. We made a really comprehensive article showing the performance in Cinebench R23 and Geekbench 5.

In synthetic performance benchmarks, Intel pulls ahead of AMD’s leaked Zen4 in almost every aspect including multi-core performance. However, a discrepancy shows up in gaming performance. Intel has not shown significant performance improvements in the gaming segment. Will Intel lose its FPS crown just to attain a lead in the multi-core tests? A small price to pay for salvation? 

A few weeks back, a detailed article was covered showcasing the i9-13900K’s performance in games and other softwares. To put it shortly, the CPU did prove to perform better (~5-10%) but power consumption went through the roof.

Over at, we saw the i9-13900K being tested along with AMD’s kingpin RX 6900 XT. The performance, is rather interesting to say the least. Two tests were conducted (12900K vs 13900K), where the Crazy_4K preset was used.

The Alder lake powered system scores 132.8FPS, where the i9-13900K pulls ahead by just 1.2%. Hold up, what? Well, it is no surprise that this game will heavily use the GPU because take a look at the CPU Frametime. The CPU Frametime is the theoretical maximum number of frames a second that your CPU produces without being GPU-bound. 

i9-12900K (6900 XT) in ashesofthesingularity (Framerate + CPU Framerate) | Ashes Of The Singulairty
i9-13900K (6900 XT) in ashesofthesingularity (Framerate + CPU Framerate) | Ashes Of The Singularity

If we compare those two figures, then our i9-13900K powered by Raptor Lake is ~25% faster than the 12900K which is actually impressive for in-game performance. If a more powerful GPU was to be used (Sorry, 6900XT) then we may have seen a crystal clear difference.

The total score may not speak much as 13th gen system is ahead by just 100 points (0.7%).

i9-12900K (6900 XT) in ashesofthesingularity (Total Score) | Ashes Of The Singulairty
i9-13900K (6900 XT) in ashesofthesingularity (Total Score) | Ashes Of The Singularity

Can AMD really catch up to Intel? Only time will tell. For more leaked benchmarks, take a look at this list:


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