Intel Core i9-13900K Tested in 7-Zip, 60% Faster Than Alder Lake

Recently, Raichu at Twitter shared the performance of Intel’s upcoming i9-13900K in the 7-Zip decompression benchmark. This benchmark can make use of multiple threads and cores giving the edge to CPUs having high core/thread counts. The test was compared against various CPUs from Zen3 and Alder Lake.

The i9-13900K is Intel’s kingpin SKU for Raptor Lake. This CPU features a massive 24 core (8p+16e) / 32 thread configuration consuming as much as 350W of power when fully unlocked. Do bear in mind, since Raptor Lake has much better cooling, you wont need exotic thermal solutions (probably). 

The test bench features 32GB of DDR5 RAM. The motherboard is currently unknown to us. The single-thread frequency is rated at 5.5GHz and 4.6GHz across all threads.

The Raptor Lake king scores a massive 171.928 GIPS in this test. Now to put this into perspective, we compiled a few charts for relative performance metrics.

Interestingly, despite all improvements Raptor Lake still falls behind AMD’s Zen3. This is exactly why synthetic benchmarks often don’t tell us the complete story. 

Raptor Lake 7-Zip

Raptor Lake is still not as efficient as Zen3. A while back, we got our hands on some Cinebench R23 benchmarks along with the thermals and power consumption.

Cinebench R23 Performance per Watt

Intel is showing great conidence in its silicon, allowing for many leaked benchmarks. Take a look at this list:

New processors from team blue are often announced at their innovation event which takes place in the last week of September (27-28). Interestingly, AMD also plans to launch its Zen4 CPUs at the same date(s).


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