Intel i9-13900K To Feature ‘350W Extreme Power’ Mode

Recently, over at prohardver news came up regarding the Intel Core i9-13900K. This CPU is said to feature a new ‘Extreme overclocking feature‘ supported on select 700 series motherboards.

Initially, the i9-13900K was tested using two power modes namely.

  • Limited Power
  • Unlocked Power

You can read more about this here. But briefly, the i9-13900K consumed upwards of 350W of power while breaking records in Cinebench R23. We believe that this ‘Unlocked power‘ feature will be different from the initial PL1/PL2 power limits (125W and 253W respectively) only available on high-end Z790 (possibly) motherboards.

For the 600-series motherboards, Intel plans to keep the PL1/PL2 power limits due to compatibility purposes, however, the 700-series may receive new treatment. An important thing to note is that, this may require exotic cooling solutions, although the previous test used a ‘moderately priced AIO‘ for a temperature of 90*C.

i9-13900K Extreme Power Consumption | prohardver


For those interested about efficiency, we compiled a chart showing performance/watt statistics. Team blue yet again falls behing AMD. Although, the efficiency has improved drastically as compared to Alder Lake.

Cinebench R23 Performance per Watt

A while back, we covered a comprehensive article about Raptor Lake’s multi-core score gains against Alder Lake and Zen3. The R9 7950X’s benchmarks came up in nanoreview. On comparing our previous 350W benchmarks (Orange), Chipzilla’s silicon is 10% ahead. 

CinebenchR23 Raptor Lake MT Test (Reference Against i9-12900K) Updated

Single core wise, Intel yet again has broken records. The i7-13700K (Overclocked) is eating up the competition by scoring 1000+ points in the CPU-Z Single core test.


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