Intel i9-13900HK Benchmarked Yet Again, Scores 5% More Than Previous Results

Intel’s Raptor Lake lineup hit the shelves 1 week ago with the mobile SKUs planned for later this year. Similarly, new benchmarks of the i9-13900HK have surfaced, showing marginal improvements over what we saw last time. Let us remind you that this CPU is the highest end offering from Intel’s Raptor Lake-H series. 

The Test Results

Coming again from a Samsung based platform, the i9-13900HK appears to be tested on the same laptop as last time. For some context, this specific test bench featuers 32GB of memory. The i9-13900HK scores 1870 points and 12436 points in the single and multi-core test respectively. This nets it a 2-3% lead in the single-core department and a 5% improvement multi-core wise against the last test.

i9-13900HK New Geekbench5 Benchmark | Geekbench5

As shown, the i9-13900HK is now at a much more comfortable spot than last time. However, if we compare it to the 12900HK (via Videocardz), it does lose out by a very small margin. This means that we’re still seeing early samples. 

Geekbench5 CPU Testing

The i9-13900HK

The i9-13900HK from team blue’s Raptor Lake-H lineup ships with 14 cores / 20 threads. This configuration has no increase from Alder Lake’s 12900HK. We expect to see the -HX SKUs with significantly higher core/thread counts. The TDP should be around 45W whereas the max power would be rated at 115W.

Release Date

Intel may unveil these CPUs sometime before CES 2023. If plans go south, a small delay to CES 2023 is also on the cards, however, the we haven’t heard anything official relating to that yet. 

Raptor Lake – starting with our desktop SKUs this fall, followed by our mobile family by end of year. The Raptor Lake family will offer customers significant advantages, including doubledigit performance gains gen-on-gen and socket compatibility with Alder Lake. And in 2023, we will deliver our first disaggregated CPU built on Intel 4 – Meteor Lake – which is showing good health in both our and our customers’ labs.

~ Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger

CPUCores/ThreadsTDPBase Clocks
Max Frequency (Courtesy of Videocardz)

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