Intel Core i5-13600K Spotted In GeekBench, On Par With the i9-12900K

Today, the i9-13900K was leaked via a CPU-Z benchmark showing a major performance leap over Alder Lake. In a similar fashion, Intel’s i5-13600K has also showed up on the Geekbench website.

Two tests were conducted on different test benches, one featuring an ASUS motherboard running DDR5 memory and the other having an ASRock motherboard running DDR4 memory. Performance wise, the i5-13600K scored a massive 2012 points in single core testing giving it an 8% increase over the i5-12600K. Single core testing makes the new i5 from Raptor Lake on par with the i9-12900K from Alder Lake (2012 vs 1987).

The largest performance increments come in the multi-threaded tests, showing that Raptor Lake is leaving no loose ends when it comes to multi tasking. The i5-13600K scores 16054 points in the multi-threaded testing which is just shy of the AMD’s R9 5950X and a massive, and I repeat massive, 40% increase over the i5-12600K.

Geekbench 5 Benchmarks | harukaze5719

Specifications for the i5-13600K show that it will carry 14 Cores/20 Threads while running at a base frequency of 3.5 GHz which can be boosted upto 5.1 GHz via overclocking. It will use the same LGA 1700 socket allowing for backwards compatibility with the 600 series of motherboards. 

i5-13600K specifications | Geekbench

It did take Intel a while but now it seems they have finally caught up to AMD’s multi-threaded performance thanks to those little efficiency cores. While they don’t prove to be much fruitful for the average gamer, the larger performance cores will be more than enough to boost the single-threaded performance. However, we cannot say for sure if Intel has usurped AMD’s throne as Zen 4 is also just around the corner.


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