11 Held For Leaking OLED Technology Secret of Samsung

Employees of Samsung's vendor sold the leaked information to a Chinese firm

South Korean prosecutors have indicated 11 people who are believed to have leaked display technology of Samsung to a Chinese company. The 11 people are employees of Samsung’s vendor, Toptec, which produces automated equipment that is used to manufacture OLED panels. The employees sold information earlier this year about Samsung’s OLED panels.

The 11 people indicated by the prosecutors include the CEO while the rest of them are employees of the company. Three people out of the 11 have been arrested by the authorities and are currently awaiting the trial process. The company’s CEO is one of the three people that have been arrested. The charge was done at the Suwon District Prosecutors office.

The automated equipment maker Toptec refuted the claims of any wrongdoing and said that they will cooperate completely with all the legal proceedings. The company said that they want to find out the truth as they have never provided Samsung’s business information or industrial technology to any of its Chinese clients.

Samsung, on the other hand, termed the incident as regrettable with Toptec being one of the important vendors for the company. The Korean tech giant said that they will be beefing up their efforts in order to increase the safety and security of their technology so that no one else can make such efforts again and the technology remains protected with them.

The leaked technology of Samsung was developed by the company in six years with a total investment of 150 billion won. A team of 38 engineers was dedicated to working on the leaked technology of 3D lamentation which is termed as a “national core technology of the company”.  The leaked information was all about the 3D lamentation of curved OLEDs.

The 11 employees formed a separate shell company that was receiving all the information regarding 3D lamentation of curved OLEDs. The information included drawings and equipment of the panels that the employees accessed while working with Samsung. Later the information was sold to a Chinese firm for $13.8 million.  In order to avoid getting caught, the employees used different phones, email addresses, and names.

Samsung is leading the market right now in the OLED division and is already planning to launch a foldable OLED panel smartphone next year. The South Korean company is now a supplier of Apple as well with the iPhone XS and XS Max featuring Samsung OLEDs.

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11 Held For Leaking OLED Technology Secret of Samsung

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