GTX 1050 Ti Near Its End Of Life With Stock Completely Running Out

It appears that the GTX 1050 Ti can no longer be bought first hand. ithome reports that GTX 1050 Ti chip has been out of production since June 2022 and as stock is running out, this SKU will be completely sold out.

Back in 2021, NVIDIA reinstated production of the GTX 1050 Ti to tackle the then ongoing global pandemic induced chip shortage(s). This was a relief for many looking for a small yet capable GPU. That was not particularly the time when you’d get your hands on an RTX GPU without it costing you an arm and a leg. 

In reality, the GTX 1050 Ti was underwhelming from the start featuring 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM. At that time, it was impressive, however, it was crushed by AMD’s RX 470. This GPU being bottlenecked heavily, started to see its demise as early as 2018 where most games would not run at a stable 1080p 60FPS. Now it is merely used as a display card with decent gaming capabilities (Performance/Watt wise).

NVIDIA GTX 1630 | NVIDIA via Wccftech

For those on a budget, this may seem like the perfect GPU. However, NVIDIA being NVIDIA launched their GTX 1630 from the Turing lineup having performance on-par with the 1050 Ti. Was it any good? No, because you’re getting the same performance, at the same price after 6 years. 

This GPU featured 4GB of G6 VRAM running across a narrow 64-bit bus. While consuming 75W of power, we got extremely poor results. The TU117 chip used on the 1630 ships with just 512 CUDA cores.


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