10 Smart Home Devices Pairing with Apple HomeKit This Fall

Here are the devices will get new iOS 13 features this fall

During this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed that new features are coming to iPhone and iPad software, iOS 13.

Now, partners of Apple’s HomeKit device say they plan to adopt those same features. This expansion in capabilities will no doubt win over fans who previously chose Google or Amazon smart home devices.

Robot Vacuums

Siri shortcuts, controlled by voice command, make smart home control convenient. One Apple HomeKit partner, Neato robot vacuums, announced new upgrades compatible with the virtual assistant.

Using voice commands, users can start, stop and pause cleaning. They can ask the bot to clean a specific spot or return to the charging base.

Convenient Lighting

Customized and convenient lighting will be easier than ever this fall after the HomeKit upgrade takes effect. One smart light company, LIFX, is rolling out a candle bulb and light strip, each able to project more than 16 million colors. Users can manipulate the lights — plus sync visuals and sound — all with a smartphone.

Protected Networks

The iOS 13 upgrade will offer support for Wi-Fi routers. Brands like Linksys and Eero, the first to support the new feature, will monitor home accessories to see who they’re talking to, ensuring communication stays solely inside the home.

This type of security will prevent hackers from intercepting your private and personal information.

Secure Video

Safe data storage is a trend that’s predicted to have long-term effects. Tech companies, including Apple, want to assure consumers their personal information is safe.

One new element to Apple HomeKit coming this fall is Secure Video, which gives users control over any recorded video clips. Compatible with cameras and video doorbells, like the Logitech Circle 2, users can safely store video in the cloud.

Upgraded Controls

Existing HomeKit controls will see an upgrade. Enhancements include the ability to recognize multiple voices. It can also detect stray audio from devices, such as the TV or stereo.

Notifications can be customized based on each device, with snapshots shown when motion is detected. All home hubs, like Hue, Apple TV and Homepod, are grouped in one easy-to-manage location.

Mobile Thermostats

Regulating the temperature of your home is effortless with a smart home thermostat. The ecobee Smart Thermostat, a partner with Apple HomeKit, used to offer three separate sensors — a thermostat, an occupancy sensor and a motion sensor. Now, all three are grouped onto one page, making it easy to check everything at once.

Video Doorbells

Previously, there were no video doorbells compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. Now, several new devices are scheduled to hit the market. The ProLine doorbell will come equipped with microphones and cameras, similar to well-known brands like Ring and Nest. Netmo’s smart video doorbell will offer a speaker, call button and 1080p HDR camera.

Easy Coffee

Everybody loves coffee. Make a steaming cup the efficient way with the upgraded Smarter Coffee Machine. Tech-lovers can use easy voice commands, like “Hey Siri, brew a pot of coffee,” to get the morning started.

They can also try Wake Up mode, an alarm clock/fresh coffee combo. If you decide to sleep in, the hotplate keeps the java warm for up to 40 minutes.

Smart Locks

Several new brands are partnering up with HomeKit to offer smart locks, an easy way to secure a home. The Mighton Avia lock can be operated via Bluetooth or remotely through the cloud.

Users can send mobile keys to family members, even temporary ones with customizable restrictions. Kwikset’s Premis lock is compatible with Siri voice commands, perfect for those who often have their hands full.

TV Integration

One significant upgrade coming to Apple’s HomeKit is the support of big-name TV brands, including LG, Samsung and Vizio. Users without Apple TV can still control smart TVs with voice commands like, “Siri, turn down the volume.” Plus, with smartphone integration, total control is as simple as the touch of a button.

With new upgrades and an expanded repertoire of partners, Apple’s HomeKit, comparable to devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, will soon draw in new users.

Smart essentials, like video doorbells and locks, are finally on the horizon. The device will also offer new features like redesigned controls and secure video. The tech, which seems to highlight consumer needs, debuts this fall.


Aaron Michael
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10 Smart Home Devices Pairing with Apple HomeKit This Fall

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