10 Best Memes to Wish Your Dear Ones a Happy Birthday

Make Their Day Even Better

A birthday is a special occasion which calls for special treatment. It really means a lot to your dear ones when you remember their birthdays. While you can send them a birthday card to acknowledge them, memes have made wishing your dear ones a happy birthday even more fun.

Memes have a way of capturing various aspects of human life in ways that words cannot. There is a meme for almost anything you can think of and it will thus be quite easy finding one that wishes your friend, family or partner a happy birthday in a way that they can totally relate to. What’s better is that they are totally convenient since they are in image format. Which makes them so easy to reach your dear ones.

This is a list of 10 happy birthday best memes you can choose from.

1. Just Don’t Drown

Happy beer day

If there is one day you can be excused for getting wasted then it’s on your birthday. This meme shows that you already have an idea of how your friend’s big day will end. That it will be more of a beer party than a birthday party. If your friend loves beer then this meme is for them.

2. You Are Not Getting Any Younger

You are getting old

No one loves hearing that they are getting old. Well, unless you are using a meme to tell them. This meme takes a crack at the recipient’s age but at the same time manages to disguises the jibe so that it ends up being funny instead of infuriating.

3. A Good One From Barrack

Happy birthday from Obama

Who better to wish you a great birthday than Obama himself. It’s a great way to remind your dear ones on their special occasion that they can achieve anything they set their minds to and they have Barrack to inspire them.  And how about we have world peace while at it.

4. We Don’t Want You Blaming Anyone Else

Your turn to make bad choices

This is a great meme if you are the crazy friend who is always coming up with crazy ideas. One of your last bright ideas did not end up very well and so this time you will be letting the birthday holder decide how to celebrate.

5. Please Don’t Be Mad

This will have to do

The birthday comes at the worst time possible when you cannot even afford to get your dear one a gift. What do you do? Send them this perfect meme. If the excuse is not good enough for them then the cute cat holding a cupcake will definitely convince them.

6. Better Late Than Ever

As much as you try not to, there is a chance you will forget the birthday dates. But you can make it such that the birthday owner does not stay mad at you for long. This perfect meme relieves you of all your transgressions.

I don’t always send cards but…

7. For WWE Fans

Happy birthday from Cena

If the birthday person is a great wrestling fan then this John Cena meme will definitely make them smile. Cena informed some of the greatest WWE wrestling moments and is still considered a legend to many. But since it’s John Cena, they probably won’t be seeing him. Get it?

8. It’s All Cool Here

Happy zen birthday

This meme is funny just by looking at it. The idea of a dog meditating is just absurd. But it looks so relaxed. You can use this meme to wish your dear ones a birthday that is as peaceful as the pooch in that meme.

9. You Were a Cute Baby

Baby with a beard

What better way to wish your dad a happy birthday than by making a little fun of him. But if that’s how he looked as a baby I would love to see how he looks now.

10. Kisses from Trump

Smoochies from Trump

Trump has been subject to various funny memes and this one is just as awesome. It really looks like he is about to smooch someone and will make for a great birthday laugh. It will particularly be funny if the recipient is not a big fan of Trump’s ideologies.

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10 Best Memes to Wish Your Dear Ones a Happy Birthday

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