10 Best Arthur Memes to Make Your Day

They Don't get Better Than This

Arthur is an educational television series that follows the life of Arthur Read, an anthropomorphic aardvark, as he goes about his daily life. The show’s intended purpose is to teach kids how to deal with childhood issues like homework and bullies but that has not stopped meme makers from creating memes around it.

Arthur clenching his fist meme

The most popular of the Arthur memes is one of Arthur clenching his fist which is mainly used to show aggression or frustration. It greatly depicts our reaction to annoying things that we cannot openly express our emotions about. See this example.

Really mom?

Sometimes our moms can have the best of answers. Of course, it’s food. It’s not like we can eat the remote for supper, right? As much as the answer is infuriating you will just have to let it sit since you cannot really shout back at your mother.

The funny thing is that although this is a kid’s show many of the memes surrounding it are totally inappropriate for kids. They are sexual innuendos thinly veiled so that they do not sound too blunt. Like this one.

Arthur meme

This meme hints at Arthur just having finished having unprotected coitus. What is also disturbing is that the girl in the meme is his sister. Trust memes to completely corrupt your childhood. However, not all Arthur memes are oddly inappropriate. Some have also been used to depict normal occurrences in our lives and are quite funny.

This is a list of 10 Arthur memes to make your day.

1. Did You Just Say That?

The overexaggerating friend

We all have that one friend that always twists the details in every story to make it more interesting. Sadly, they are our friends and we can’t tell on them. So you just listen on with a resigned indifference and nod to everything they say.

2. Can’t You Tell I Was Not Serious

I was just joking

Sometimes in a bid not to look selfish, we will pretend to offer food to our friends in the hope that they will turn it down. Nonetheless, this plan can backfire when they end up accepting our offer.

3. That Really Hurt

That’s personal

It’s quite normal for friends to take digs at each other and make fun of stupid stuff they do. Unfortunately, these harmless jokes can sometimes go too far especially when they touch on a personal issue that you are overly sensitive about.

4. What Happened to You?

No makeup girlfriend

What’s that they say? A lady would rather sleep hungry than be caught without wearing makeup. That cannot be true. Nonetheless, sometimes when they get used to you they may decide to reveal their real selves. Most often than not, the two selves look totally different.

5. I am Watching You

Stalker mode

It’s quite normal to stalk your new partner once you start dating. You will go through all their Instagram pictures keeping an eye for any lady that may have liked more pictures than you consider appropriate. Now you will be on alert in case any of the said ladies make advances to your new catch.

6. Oops, Sorry

Mind your manners

You take advantage of the fact that there is many of you in the room and decide to let out a silent one. After all, no one will know it’s from you. But it completely betrays you and rips out loudly so now everyone is looking at you and you have nowhere to hide your embarrassment.

7. Am the Man Right Now

Not as hot as you think

We have all had a moment like this one. Actually, in your mind, you can picture your friends getting blown up by the bomb outfit only for your heart to be broken into a million pieces when they start making fun of you.

8. We Have Already Met

Enough with the introductions

We all have that friend that no one seems to remember or we are actually that friend. You will meet someone you have already been introduced to like three times and they can’t seem to remember you. Welcome to the shadow people pal.

9. I Thought I was Clear Enough

Stupid man

This can be so infuriating. So you have read that whole paragraph and you still don’t understand what I mean? Am I supposed to write another long paragraph for you to get it or do you want me to spell out the letters for you?

10. I Will Just Begin the Break Tomorrow

Where is the partyThis is one promise many people have been unable to keep. It’s always made after you have been drinking for a long time and feeling hungover. However, the break is always short because the moment you are feeling okay, you will promptly jump into any opportunity that promises booze.

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